Some album recommendations…

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Some (relatively) new releases that have been on repeat the past few weeks:

Implodes – Black Earth – Kranky

Marissa Nadler – Marissa Nadler – Box of Cedar

Grails – Deep Politics – Temporary Residence


And some (relatively) older records for a quiet afternoon at work:

Labradford – Mi Media Naranja – Kranky

Rachel’s – Handwriting – Quarterstick

Dirty Three – Whatever You Love, You Are – Touch & Go

Yo La Tengo – And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out – Matador

Friday afternoon playlist

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HammockRaising Your Voice…Trying to Stop An Echo – Darla

HammockChasing After Shadows…Living With the Ghosts – Hammock Music

I could listen to this band all day.  The perfect blend of ambient, electronic, and shoegaze.  Kenotic and Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow are equally as amazing as these records.

BelongCommon Era – Kranky

Completely different than their first record (October Language), they’ve added vocals (though they’re heavily reverbed and buried beneath distorted guitars and synths) and drums (that sound straight out of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures) and despite the change in sound, somehow the record is even better than their last one.

Low at the Mod Club

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I had been looking forward to seeing Low for months.  I’ve probably spent more time listening to Low in the past few years than any other band I can think of.   So, in my incredibly biased opinion, their set at the Mod Club on Monday night was nothing short of amazing. 

Although the set focused heavily on songs from their recent album C’mon, which admittedly is not among my favourites of theirs, the new songs sounded incredible live.  This isn’t to say that it’s a bad record, just average for a Low album, but in a live setting a lot of the new songs (like $20 and Majesty/Magic) really stood out and matched the beauty of their best songs.  They managed to throw in one or two songs from most of their records (well, every album after Secret Name), including Canada and Last Snowstorm of the Year from my personal favourite record Trust.  The real highlight of the evening came in the encore which included Canada, followed by a few audience requests Two-Step and When I Go Deaf – the latter illustrating what an amazing guitarist Alan Sparhawk really is in the finale.  His harmonies with Mimi were pitch perfect the whole night as well. 

Here’s hoping Low comes back sooner than the 5 years it took them between shows in Toronto this time.

And in related news: even John Stamos likes Low.   Or at least I assume he does since he stars in their newest video.

Great week for new releases…

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Temporary Residence put out not one, but two highly anticipated new albums yesterday.  Both albums are now on repeat in my headphones, and both are just amazing as expected:

Explosions in the SkyTake Care, Take Care, Take Care

Matthew Cooper (aka Eluvium) – Some Days Are Better Than Others (Original Soundtrack)

The vinyl packaging for Take Care, Take Care, Take Care looks amazing as well.  I may have to venture out to pick up a physical copy this week.

Playlist for a Thursday Afternoon at Work

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HigumaPacific Fog Dreams – Root Strata

Evan Caminiti West Winds – Three Lobed

Barn Owl Ancestral Star – Thrill Jockey

I’m not sure how Evan Caminiti finds time to release as many albums as he does, but somehow he manages, and even more astounding is that everything he releases is absolutely top notch.  All three of these albums were released within the last year and all have a similar texture of hypnotic drones – with slight variations.  West Winds is a solo electric guitar album, while Pacific Fog Dreams features some heavily reverbed female vocals, sounding like an even dronier Grouper.  Ancestral Star is quite possibly my most listened to album of 2010, and definitely ranks among my favourites of last year, bringing to mind Earth’s last few releases.  Here’s hoping that one of his projects will make the trip up to Toronto in the near future.

The Pixies Doolittle – 4AD

After seeing the Pixies perform their Doolittle tour on Monday night at Massey Hall I’ve had this album on repeat.  It had been a while since I listened to it, but after that performance it’s been hard to turn this album off.  Such an amazing show.  And if them performing Doolittle in its entirety wasn’t enough, there was still the encore that included “Gigantic” and “Where Is My Mind”.  Awesome.

Last Night at Rancho Relaxo

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Thanks to everyone who came out to the show last night, and to anyone who picked up one of our CD’s or LP’s – we really appreciate it!

Headaches started the night with a beautiful ambient/electronic set.  I definitely recommend you check out his stuff, I think everything he has is just on bandcamp on the moment, but I look forward to him putting out some physical copies of his releases too.

The American Dollar‘s set was amazing.  They played quite a few songs from the albums I am most familiar with (Atlas, A Memory Stream), I picked up the rest of their discography as well – can’t wait to give them all a listen!

And, as always, Old World Vulture put on an amazing show.  The new songs are sounding awesome, I can’t wait to hear the new record.   I suspect that we’ll be playing with them again very soon…

A big thank you to Matt from A Mountain Far for putting together such a great night as well!

Something for your viewing enjoyment – check out OWV’s video for “Too Much Eye Makeup”

Playlist for a post-show Sunday morning:

GrouperA I A Dream Loss / A I A Alien Observer – Yellow Electric

Show on Saturday!

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Looking forward to what is sure to be a great night on Saturday night at Rancho Relaxo.  We’re playing with the American Dollar, Old World Vulture, and Headaches!

We’re looking into booking a couple of shows in May and June as well.  We’ll keep you up to date as soon as we get any more info on those.

Now playing:

The American Dollar A Memory Stream – Yesh Music